What Makes Recovery Possible?

Are people with Parkinson’s having successful journeys down the road to recovery? And if they are, how?

Every holiday season, I ask members of my audience to answer a 5 minute survey. Your input helps us all understand what therapies help to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.

Please email me (robert@parkinsonsrecovery.com) answers to the following two questions:
1. Since the holiday season one year ago, have you been generally feeling better, the same or worse?
2. Please list below any and all therapies, methods or approaches that have offered relief from your symptoms.
By way of thanking you for responding to the Parkinsons Recovery Annual Survey I will post here with a summary report of what you and others report.
Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington


Parkinsons Recovery Recommendations

Parkinsons Recovery Recommendations

Anxiety: Shut Down Anxiety
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Cataracts: Can-C Eye Drops


CoQ10: Pharmanord
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Frequency Medicine: Healy

Glutathione: ME3

Hydration: Aquas

Walking Issues: Rock Solid Walking
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Photobiomodulation: https://www.vielight.com
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Probiotics: Dr. Ohhira’s

Sound Medicine: Solex

Tremors: Tame Tremors
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Vibration Therapy: Power Plate

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington



I encourage you to take 45 minutes out of your day today to hear my interview with Ross Pelton, the internationally famous natural pharmacist.

Here is the member link to the radio show page to hear my interview with Ross:


He addresses the potential benefits of taking a prescription medication known as Rapamycin. There is another very important research finding you will not want to miss.

Eat less and less frequently and you will live a longer, healthier life!

He explains why in the interview.


Member Benefit: 50% Tuition Discounts on all Parkinsons Recovery Courses

The good news is that dozens of natural therapies offer relief from Parkinson’s symptoms. When I launched my search in 2004, I thought there would be a handful. How wrong I was!

The bad news is that the multitude of options have created serious problems for people searching for solutions to their symptoms. It is nearly impossible to wade through the 270 replays of my radio show interviews to find therapies that can help, much less the hundreds of posts on my blog.

Many people begin a search for solutions to their symptoms but are overwhelmed by the massive body of resources I have created.

I have now solved this problem by creating a series of online courses focused on specific symptoms and themes. Instant access to the content is available when you register.

Visit the Parkinsons Recovery page listed below for information about each online course.


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Claim Your Free Voice Scans

One of many benefits of your membership is voice scans I am happy to do for you. Voice scans identify frequencies needed to bring our bodies back into balance and harmony.

About Frequencies – Medicine of the Future

All living systems emit thousands of frequencies needed to sustain life. Our voice emits a wide range of frequencies required to maintain health and wellness.

Voice profiles reveal imbalances in frequencies that affect our biology and emotions. These include potential problems with cells, muscles, organs, blood and most importantly of all, unresolved emotional issues and beliefs that undermine our health

 Frequencies that are too intense or too weak can be re-balanced using the information captured in a voice scan. This in turn transmits the frequencies required to bring our back into full functionality. 

How to Get Your Voice Scan

Call me. I will set up a profile for you which includes your name, email, weight. height and birthdate. Then I will ask you to talk for 10 seconds as I record your voice into my AO Scan device from Solex.

The frequencies emitted by your voice are then analyzed. Those that are too intense and those that are diminished or absent are identified and prepared for you to listen to in a set of audio files.

The AO Scan report will select the 3  frequencies that are excessively out of balance plus the main octave that is being suppressed, embeds them in music  and places them in files  with corresponding graph, explanations, and lifestyle recommendations. These are sent to you through email.

I recommended that you listen to the audio files  2-3 times throughout the day. The programs contain radionics and binaurals so headphones are necessary.

Here is the step by step process of running a scan of your voice which identifies frequencies your boy needs to heal.

  1. Call me: 360-789-1658. Leave a message if I do not answer when you call.
  2. When we connect over the phone I will set up a brief profile on my AO Scan Solex device (your name, email, weight, height and date of birth).
  3. I then ask you to talk for 10 seconds while the system scans the frequencies emitted by your voice. The set up only takes 10 minutes.
  4. After the scan has completed I request that an email be sent to you with a 7 page report and a set of four MP3 audio clips you can listen to with headphones.
  5. You can request as many scans from me as you would like. New scans reveal new issues.

Here is more information about the new AO Scan technology that delivers frequencies needed for the body to heal from the inside out:


I am happy to do complimentary voice scans for you. Just call me! Again – this is one among many benefits of your membership.


AO Voice Scans

The following is intended for those of you who have been getting voice scans from me. In the event you have not called me to get a scan of your voice, the previous post here outlines what is involved. You really only have to call me! This is included in your membership!

Notice to members who have been listening to the sounds generated by the AO Voice Scans 

How has listening to the sounds generated by your voice scan been for you? Feedback is this: The more you listen, the more you will notice shifts in your well being.

I run a voice scan on myself every day. Results shift. Feel free to continue calling me for follow-up scans. Now that your profile has been set up – it only takes a minute as you well know.

There are other comprehensive body scans that can be run when you have an AO Scan device which generates fascinating results. These scans generate frequencies that bring your body back into balance.

I have posted additional videos of scans I have run on myself on my Promising Therapies class for the AO Scan class.

If you are not set up for access to this course so you can view the videos, call me or email me. I will set you up for a month of free access to the Promising Therapies online course so you can get the full story of the AO Scan technology by Solex.

What is required if you want to purchase a Solex device and begin running all of the AO scans for yourself?

In comparison to some of the other promising therapies, the cost of AO Scan Solex technology is relatively inexpensive. The initial set-up cost is approximately $700.


You need to acquire a device. Choices are either a phone or a tablet. The phone costs $500, much cheaper than retail phones at phone stores. I only use my phone for doing the scans but you can add T-Mobile if you want to use it as a phone too.

You also need to register for a monthly subscription which is $149 a month or about $5 a day. They are continuously updating the technology.

Finally, although optional, I recommend you register to have a website of your own so that you can introduce the technology to others.  Purchases by others can cover your monthly subscription costs. The technical term to get a website is Quantum Life Advocate.

Using AO scans can turn out to be free to you as you refer others who join. This of course is my goal as well. The cost to become a Quantum Life Advocate (again this gives you a personalized  website) is only $49 a year.

I can help you learn how to run AO scans and sign up for the AO Scan service if interested. I do believe this type of technology is the future of medicine and intent to use it every day myself.

And again, feel free to call me for additional free voice scans if you do not have your own AO device.


New Membership Benefit: Promising Therapy Update Online Course

I am introducing a new online course this week: Promising Therapy Updates. Up to date information about the many new, promising therapies that have emerged recently will be covered.

This new course  has been added to your already rich array of  membership benefits.  Click on the link below to access this new benefit of your Parkinsons Recovery membership.


Already Enrolled in One of My Courses?

If the answer to this question is yes,  you will be familiar with the course platform. I have already added you access to the new Promising Therapy Updates course already using your membership email. You will have already set up a password.

If the answer to this question is no the course platform will be new to you, you will need to set up a password to access the course platform (which I use to offer all of my courses).  I already entered your email address to access to the course. When you click on the link below – you will need to  create a password. If you need my help – please email or call!



Persons who are not Parkinsons Recovery Members can enroll in the course with a monthly $10 subscription. They will also become members. If you see this course enrollment opportunity you will not need to enroll because your enrollment has already been covered through your membership.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



News Flash about Photobiomodulation as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

Another Report Today on the Photobiomodulation device from Vielight

During several recent consultations I have heard this past week still more encouraging reports about the Vielight Neuro device described in this post. Improvement has been reported for gait, handwriting and tremors after 2-3 weeks of use. These symptoms did not vanish, but users reported noticeable improvements.  I am more and more confident that this therapy is helping
address problematic symptoms.

Click on the link below to hear my interview on Parkinsons Recovery Radio with Dr. Lew Lim, inventor of this new photobiomodulation therapy.

I predict the future of medicine rests with innovative therapies that utilize light and sound to bring the body back into balance and harmony. Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria. Photobiomodulation energizes neuronal mitochondria, triggering a cascade of beneficial cellular functions. Potential benefits are neuroprotective effects, self-repair mechanisms and enhanced functionality.

I predict Dr. Lim’s new invention promises to set health care in new and exciting directions and has the potential to offer far reaching benefits to persons experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms.

After listening to this interview, I am even more optimistic about this therapy for Parkinson’s and other conditions including mental fog and dementia. Be sure to listen to my interview with Dr. Lim posted at the top of this post. I believe Dr. Lim is a true pioneer who has invented medicine of the future which uses light.

Intranasal photobiomodulation is the most efficient method for light energy to reach the brain. Different from electrical and magnetic stimulation, photobiomodulation uses light energy (or photons) of specific wave lengths and power density to simulate cellular function.

Dr. Lim is an engineer and a Doctor of Natural Medicine with additional diplomas in Medical Neuroscience and Business and Accountancy. He obtained his degrees and diplomas from the University of California at Berkeley, University of Sheffield, Duke University, Quantum University and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

Photobiomodulation Research

A 2017 study examined the effects of photobiomodulation  (PBM),  a light therapy that uses red or near-infrared light to heal and protect tissues, in five older adults with dementia, one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

After 12 weeks of treatment subjects showed significant improvements on the Cognitive Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale. With only five subjects, the effect sizes had to be huge for significance to  be shown.

Caregivers who kept daily journals tracking experiences of the research subjects reported participants had:

  • Better sleep
  • Fewer angry outbursts
  • Decreased anxiety

Did Positive Results for Subjects Continue After Treatment was Suspended?

No. Precipitous declines were observed during the follow-up 4 week no-treatment period. Results suggest treatments need to continue for results to be sustained.

Saltmarche et al.(2017) Photomed Laser Surg. 2017 Aug;35(8)

About the Vielight Photobiomodulation Device

The company, Vielight, has generously offered followers of Parkinsons Recovery a 10% discount off orders of the the Vielight Neuro Gamma device which retails for $1749. Enter the coupon code healing4me on the shopping cart. The website: www.vielight.com


Vielight is so confident in its new product that you get six (6) months to try out their newly invented  photobiomodulation therapy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it for a 80% refund. I have never heard of a company that is so confident in their product that such a generous warranty can be extended. They obviously have high confidence in their new invention. While there is scant evidence about its effectiveness for people who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, the opportunity to try it out for minimal risk is currently available.

Act Now or Wait for More Evidence?

If you prefer to wait for clear and convincing evidence that this or any light therapy will help with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, be on the lookout for research findings that will be completed and released 5-10 years from now. Designing and implementing studies takes time and of course big bucks. I would personally like to see many people with the symptoms start getting photobiomodulation therapy now. Early users are giving us rich indications about its usefulness as a treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms,. I do not hesitate to suggest this as a treatment option to take seriously.

Early Evidence on Vielight’s Photobiomodulation Device as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

As a brand new invention. there is no systematic published research on the use of the Vielight Gamma Photobiomoduatlion device as a therapy to specifically address Parkinson’s symptoms. I have heard informal feedback from users that the therapy has resulted in relief of some symptoms and report below my summary observations:

  1. One common report from users is that the therapy does not show quick results. You apparently have to apply the therapy over a period of several weeks to a month or longer to celebrate a positive shift in symptoms.
  2. I have heard several specific reports on tremors that were calmed.
  3. It is unclear at this point to what degree the therapy will address balance issues.
  4. Evidence does suggest that this therapy can potentially help with dementia.

Are Medicines or Supplements no Longer Working for You?

If the answer is yes to this question,  what treatment options remain? There is, of course, Deep Brain Stimulation available as an option, but I am well aware many of you prefer not to pursue this treatment option. It is my hope and prayer that photobiomodulation therapy will become a natural option that supports the therapeutic effect of medicines and supplements such that the dosage does not have to be increased or even can be reduced under close supervision of your doctor.

I thus recommend that you consider this therapy so we can discover together whether my prediction of success is right or wrong. Keep in mind that while the device is relatively expensive – $1749 – you:

  1. Can claim a 10% discount if you use the Parkinsons Recovery discount code of healing4me.
  2. Get 6 months of use to see if it offers symptomatic relief or not.
  3. Risk is reduced 80% since you can return the device within the 6 month period after purchase for an 80% refund of the purchase price.
  4. Everyone in the family can use the therapy.

The Vielight company obviously has confidence in their product which is a very encouraging sign. I have never heard of any company that offered a 6 month warranty. You can purchase the Gamma Vielight device from the Vielight website:


Be sure to enter the coupon code healing4me on the Vielight shopping cart to claim your Parkinsons Recovery 10% discount. Please also email me your experience with using it after a month (or longer) of use.

Vielight Photobiomodulation Device Instructional Manual Video

Research on Light Therapy from MIT

The following video previews recent research at MIT that explains why light therapy offers a promising opportunity to reverse dementia associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

I hope many of you will try this therapy out and let me know the result. It is not a permanent “fix” to be sure, but neither is medicine. I am attracted to this option because it is noninvasive and inexpensive over the long term when you consider it can be used for a lifetime and by all members of the household.

Photobiomodulation Mechanism

Visible red and near infrared light energy stimulates cells to generate more energy facilitating self-repair. The healing takes place within the mitochondria through an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase. This enzyme accepts and converts the light (or photonic) energy into cellular energy (ATP) and other gene transcription factors leading to cellular repair and regeneration.

Will Photobiomodulation Therapy Interfere with My Daily Life?

No. You are welcome to receive the therapy while working, reading or doing anything really.  Dr. Lim, the inventor, recommends that people with more serious health issues such as Alzheimers might be advised to do the therapy at night while going to sleep. The treatment duration lasts only 20 minutes.

Photobiomodluation therapy
Photobiomodulation Therapy while Working

Robert Rodgers PhD
Olympia Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Is Parkinson’s Really Degenerative?

Most people buy into the belief that once diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you are destined to get worse.

              • No hope.
              • No chance of recovery.
              • No chance to get your life back.

No wonder so many people are depressed!

But …. Is this really true? Everyone in the medical community claims it to be true, but I ask you, what evidence do they provide to support their depressing claim you will inevitably get worse? I have seen no evidence.

I have now provided compelling evidence for the past decade that the belief Parkinson’s is degenerative is false. People do recover. People do get their life back. Symptoms can be reversed.

In my holiday survey I ask the question: over the past year since the last holiday season, have you been feeling better, about the same or worse? There are three choices.

If the claim Parkinson’s is degenerative is true, 100% of the respondents to my survey would report they are worse. This is not the result reported this year or any of the past years of my survey. This year, as in past years, two thirds of respondents (66%) report that they have either been better or about the same.

People diagnosed with Parkinson’s have found ways to reverse their symptoms or at a minimum not get worse.

Despite frustrations and roadblocks, know that in your heart, mind and soul that recovery is possible. Make it happen now.