Is Parkinson’s Really Degenerative?

Most people buy into the belief that once diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you are destined to get worse.

              • No hope.
              • No chance of recovery.
              • No chance to get your life back.

No wonder so many people are depressed!

But …. Is this really true? Everyone in the medical community claims it to be true, but I ask you, what evidence do they provide to support their depressing claim you will inevitably get worse? I have seen no evidence.

I have now provided compelling evidence for the past decade that the belief Parkinson’s is degenerative is false. People do recover. People do get their life back. Symptoms can be reversed.

In my holiday survey I ask the question: over the past year since the last holiday season, have you been feeling better, about the same or worse? There are three choices.

If the claim Parkinson’s is degenerative is true, 100% of the respondents to my survey would report they are worse. This is not the result reported this year or any of the past years of my survey. This year, as in past years, two thirds of respondents (66%) report that they have either been better or about the same.

People diagnosed with Parkinson’s have found ways to reverse their symptoms or at a minimum not get worse.

Despite frustrations and roadblocks, know that in your heart, mind and soul that recovery is possible. Make it happen now.





Fundamentals of Recovery

During our support group gathering today I discussed the four fundamentals of recovery: Hydration, oxygen, brain rejuvenation and infusion of missing frequencies. Embracing therapies that help maintain and support each of the four foundations will support your body’s ability to heal from the inside out.

Therapies that address each of the four foundations are not quick fixes.  They do not suppress symptoms.  As the body begins to heal from the inside out, symptoms can become worse in the short term. They will resolve over the long term when the four foundational requirements for healing  are addressed.

My new course, The Future of Medicine, reports in detail how I personally support each of these four critical foundations. New technologies are making a number of new and exciting options that can address each.

Please register for the course. It is free. Focus your program of recovery on therapies that support each of the four foundations of recovery. You may well not feel better in the short run, but you will be happy you persisted in the long run.


Questions and Answers from the Q&A Today

Questions Addressed during the Q&A Today:

  • What symptoms does the supplement 5htp address?
  • Is CBD oil recommended as a therapy for neurological symptoms?
  • Is it safe to take if I am also taking Parkinson’s medications?
  • I have tightening in muscles in my arms and shoulders which
    makes it difficult to breathe while walking. Has anyone had success
    dealing with this problem?
  • I am taking mars venus superfood with minerals and detox lemonade. Has anyone had success with this protocol?
  • Had anyone ever tried near infrared saunas with any success for Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • Please explain and compare the advantages of three therapies:
    1) Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy (BEMER)
    2) Photobiomodulation (Vielight)
    3) Biontology
  • I have problems sticking with a program of recovery that is helping me
    feel better. Have you witnessed this type of cycle? Please provide insights
    in how to getting past this.
  • Why does Parkinson’s progress in many Parkinson’s patients? Is it psychological or is there an underling disease mechanism at play?


Is Parkinson’s Disease Degenerative?

This is the question I am asked every week by someone…

My 2018 holiday survey was designed to answer this question. Results are reported and discussed on the member radio show page. Click on the radio show icon down the right column to hear the surprising and encouraging results. I will also discussed in detail the therapies that people report have been helping them reverse their symptoms. You are sure to get some good ideas here!




Is Parkinson’s “Degenerative”? Results of Survey Announced

Click the link below to hear results of my 2017 Holiday Survey to find out what 305 respondents have reported about the progress of their recovery. You will find the results both fascinating and encouraging. I certainly did!

Survey Results: Is Parkinson’s “Degenerative”?



Power vs Force

Which is better –Power or Force — when it comes to healing the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease? David Hawkins suggests that activating your personal power is the key to healing disease and illness. Using force is likely to make them worse.

I just discovered his wonderful book titled Power vs Force this week by downloading a free copy from my local library.  I suggest you do the same! He has several sections in the book that I suspect you will find fascinating as did I.


Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed?

This is a 2 minute video that I just released which spreads the word that I have documented the stories of recovery of over 70 individuals on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. As a member, you can easily access all of the interviews by visiting the Radio Show page here (The listing is down the right column on this page) and clicking on the category listing “Stories of People Who Reversed Their Symptoms.” Click on that particular category listing and there will pop up a listing of 70 radio show interviews you can begin accessing if you have not already done so.

Be ready to get inspired. Each interview is unique. Each story of recovery is different. Listening will motivate you to take the actions needed for a successful recovery.


Therapies for Parkinsons Disease – Part II

This is the second of a Q&A series where I answer your questions. Some of the questions I will address on this program are:

  • What is cause of tremors?
  • Do most people diagnosed with Parkinson’s have a compromised substantia nigra as revealed by tests or autopsies?
  • Why does vibration therapy help reduce symptoms?
  • What are the best techniques for reducing symptoms?
  • Are probiotics and prebiotics helpful?
  • What about mucuna pruriens as a treatment?
  • Doing everything recommended to calm tremors but they keep getting worse. What is going on?

Click on the arrow below to hear the answers.

Resources mentioned during the Q&A:

The second Jump Start to Recovery Course convenes August 1st for 8 consecutive Tuesdays.
2017 Updated Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Parkinsons Recovery Memberships:



A Major League Pitcher’s Perspective on Recovery

I interviewed Tom House today on the radio show. The interview is posted here on the radio show member page. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about five years ago.

Tom has a unique perspective on the “process” of recovery. Note that I used the word “process” not “outcome”. Tom explains that when athletes focus on the “outcome” they want – i.e., winning the game – their performance sinks and they are more likely to lose.

The outcome is not what matters, but the process. Of course you want to see all symptoms dissolve. To make that happen however, the focus needs to be on the present moment activities and behaviors that in the end make that outcome possible.

This is why mindfulness programs are so successful for people with Parkinson’s.  They focus on process rather than outcomes.

Tom is rolling out a new program that sounds interesting to me, but it obviously is the early stages of a roll out. Be on the lookout for future announcements.


Why Recovery Stumbles

I am proud to celebrate the dozens of therapies that are helping more and more people reverse the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. There are so many great options out there that did not exist five years ago.

If so many great options exist, why do not more people celebrate a reduction and reversal of their Parkinson’s symptoms? People are gripped by a stranglehold of fear that their symptoms are destined to get worse. The process is “vicious” because symptoms are in your face day in and day out.

Take tremors for example. Tremors can calm down from time to time when stress is under control but they usually reappear.  The reaction to this seemingly never ending cycle is all too familiar.

  1. This tremor is driving me crazy. It is high time for it to disappear.
  2. The next day comes. The tremor persists.
  3. After many days, weeks and months you conclude you are “stuck” with this awful, nasty symptom for life.
  4. After all, this is what seemingly knowledgeable people have told you. Perhaps it is true after all.

What is the problem with this all too familiar pattern? It winds up supporting and sustaining the tremor. I suggest a very different reaction which can break this vicious cycle rather than sustain it.

Instead of viewing the tremor as the “bad guy” in your life, accept the tremor (or other symptoms) as the “good guy.”  Instead of wishing the tremor to vanish, wish it to flourish. Set an intention to allow your body to shake, rattle and roll if that is what your body needs to do in the moment.

Now, I suspect this recommendation must sound crazy to you. A tremor is your body’s way of getting your attention. It is the body’s natural method of releasing trauma and stress. When you suppress a tremor, the energy of trauma gets stuck in your body and sticks to your cells like glue.

When you view a tremor (or other symptoms) as the “bad guy” you  are giving your body a nasty message that it is broken.  But, it not broken now and never has been. Your body is working perfectly. It is just telling you something you do not want to hear or accept.

Treat a tremor (and other symptoms) as a natural healing response which is nudging you to set in motion new lifestyle habits.

  • Instead of resisting, why not make the changes?
  • Embrace new habits that you know in your mind, heart and soul are necessary to heal.

The best way to reverse the vicious cycle that leads to feeling worse is to acknowledge symptoms as the “good guys.” In so doing, you honor and acknowledge the body’s sacred ability to heal. Treat your body as broken and worthless and it will respond accordingly just as you do when treated with disrespect.