Recommendation for the BEMER PEMF Therapy

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Force Therapy. The concept behind the therapy originated  in Germany 25 years ago. The original device that delivers the therapy is called the BEMER (just like the car). Over the years, other PEMF devices have been invented and promoted.

The BEMER is widely used throughout Europe in medical clinics, hospitals and homes.

My recommendation for you is this. If you decide to get a PEMF device, get the gold standard option which  is the BEMER,  now FDA approved. There are other devices that cost less, but they do not have the research to support their effectiveness.

How to claim your $1000 payment from me.

As I mention in the audio clip, I strongly believe using the BEMER every day addresses a wide variety of symptoms that can emerge as we age. It can also have beneficial effects when it comes to Parkinson’s symptoms.

You can only get a BEMER from someone else who has already acquired one and has elected to be a distributor. When you get a BEMER from me – distributors get their own website –  I personally receive approximately $1,000 from the sale. Once you purchase a BEMER from my website, I will be happy to return to you the $1000 I will receive as a result of the sale.

Here is the process involved.

First, visit my BEMER website and order a BEMER PRO. There are lots of loan programs available or you can get one on a lease to loan basis.

Second, email me that you have made your purchase:
Third, I will send you $1000 to your Paypal account (or send you a check if you do not have paypal) 30 days after your purchase.

This will cut down the cost by approximately 25%.

What do I get of the deal? ::: The knowledge that you are using a therapy that in the long run will make a difference  to the quality of your life and that of your family who also choose to use the BEMER on a daily basis.

Note: You do have to keep giving yourself treatments. Do not expect you can give yourself treatments for several months and then go cold turkey. Plan on taking a few minutes out of each day to give yourself a treatment.


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