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The following is intended for those of you who have been getting voice scans from me. In the event you have not called me to get a scan of your voice, the previous post here outlines what is involved. You really only have to call me! This is included in your membership!

Notice to members who have been listening to the sounds generated by the AO Voice Scans 

How has listening to the sounds generated by your voice scan been for you? Feedback is this: The more you listen, the more you will notice shifts in your well being.

I run a voice scan on myself every day. Results shift. Feel free to continue calling me for follow-up scans. Now that your profile has been set up – it only takes a minute as you well know.

There are other comprehensive body scans that can be run when you have an AO Scan device which generates fascinating results. These scans generate frequencies that bring your body back into balance.

I have posted additional videos of scans I have run on myself on my Promising Therapies class for the AO Scan class.

If you are not set up for access to this course so you can view the videos, call me or email me. I will set you up for a month of free access to the Promising Therapies online course so you can get the full story of the AO Scan technology by Solex.

What is required if you want to purchase a Solex device and begin running all of the AO scans for yourself?

In comparison to some of the other promising therapies, the cost of AO Scan Solex technology is relatively inexpensive. The initial set-up cost is approximately $700.

You need to acquire a device. Choices are either a phone or a tablet. The phone costs $500, much cheaper than retail phones at phone stores. I only use my phone for doing the scans but you can add T-Mobile if you want to use it as a phone too.

You also need to register for a monthly subscription which is $149 a month or about $5 a day. They are continuously updating the technology.

Finally, although optional, I recommend you register to have a website of your own so that you can introduce the technology to others.  Purchases by others can cover your monthly subscription costs. The technical term to get a website is Quantum Life Advocate.

Using AO scans can turn out to be free to you as you refer others who join. This of course is my goal as well. The cost to become a Quantum Life Advocate (again this gives you a personalized  website) is only $49 a year.

I can help you learn how to run AO scans and sign up for the AO Scan service if interested. I do believe this type of technology is the future of medicine and intent to use it every day myself.

And again, feel free to call me for additional free voice scans if you do not have your own AO device.


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