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One of many benefits of your membership is voice scans I am happy to do for you. Voice scans identify frequencies needed to bring our bodies back into balance and harmony.

About Frequencies – Medicine of the Future

All living systems emit thousands of frequencies needed to sustain life. Our voice emits a wide range of frequencies required to maintain health and wellness.

Voice profiles reveal imbalances in frequencies that affect our biology and emotions. These include potential problems with cells, muscles, organs, blood and most importantly of all, unresolved emotional issues and beliefs that undermine our health

 Frequencies that are too intense or too weak can be re-balanced using the information captured in a voice scan. This in turn transmits the frequencies required to bring our back into full functionality. 

How to Get Your Voice Scan

Call me. I will set up a profile for you which includes your name, email, weight. height and birthdate. Then I will ask you to talk for 10 seconds as I record your voice into my AO Scan device from Solex.

The frequencies emitted by your voice are then analyzed. Those that are too intense and those that are diminished or absent are identified and prepared for you to listen to in a set of audio files.

The AO Scan report will select the 3  frequencies that are excessively out of balance plus the main octave that is being suppressed, embeds them in music  and places them in files  with corresponding graph, explanations, and lifestyle recommendations. These are sent to you through email.

I recommended that you listen to the audio files  2-3 times throughout the day. The programs contain radionics and binaurals so headphones are necessary.

Here is the step by step process of running a scan of your voice which identifies frequencies your boy needs to heal.

  1. Call me: 360-789-1658. Leave a message if I do not answer when you call.
  2. When we connect over the phone I will set up a brief profile on my AO Scan Solex device (your name, email, weight, height and date of birth).
  3. I then ask you to talk for 10 seconds while the system scans the frequencies emitted by your voice. The set up only takes 10 minutes.
  4. After the scan has completed I request that an email be sent to you with a 7 page report and a set of four MP3 audio clips you can listen to with headphones.
  5. You can request as many scans from me as you would like. New scans reveal new issues.

Here is more information about the new AO Scan technology that delivers frequencies needed for the body to heal from the inside out:

I am happy to do complimentary voice scans for you. Just call me! Again – this is one among many benefits of your membership.


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