Future Interviews

Hi All!

I have been recruiting two fascinating guests for the radio show this month. One of the guests will discuss his invention called the Vecttor which helps reduce and/or eliminate chronic pain. I interviewed Dr. Rhodes seven years ago when his Vecttor invention had not yet been approved by the FDA. It is now approved.

My second guest will discuss healing at the cellular level. How cool is that?

So, hang onto your hats for interviews with future guests that promise to be fascinating and useful for nurturing recovery.


How to Strengthen Your Immune System

I just posted the interview today on the radio show with journalist Scott Carney. If you are always on the lookout for interesting, natural, free therapies that offer the promise of reversing your symptoms, listen to my interview today with Scott. It is posted on the radio show page here on the membership websites for easy access.

The short version of the interview is that a little shivering goes a long way to enhancing your immune system. Why should this apply to people with Parkinson’s symptoms? Scott tells us about Hans, a man with Parkinson’s symptoms who has embraced the natural therapy with remarkable success.

The primary cause of death for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s is pneumonia – which means there is a compromised immune system. Strengthen your immune system and avoid the complication of pneumonia!  Listen to the interview to learn more (posted on the radio show page here – scroll down the right hand column and click on the radio show icon).


Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

During the radio show interview with Natural Pharmacist Ross Pelton, a type of probiotics was recommended to facilitate healing of the gut (which has been found a causal factor to Parkinson’s symptoms). I received authorization as a distributor these products and have been taking Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics myself for 3 days.

I have been very surprised at the result quite frankly. My energy is better and my mood has improved (which tends to be sour in the winter time because of the lack of sunshine). Be sure to listen to my interview with Ross. I am convinced he has a sound recommendation that facilitates healing from the inside-out.


Radio Show Interview with Ross Pelton about Glutathione

I have certainly aired a lot of interviews on the radio show over the past 8 years – over 200 – but yesterday’s interview has to receive the award as one of the best. If you have not already done so, be sure to listen to my interview with Natural Pharmacist Ross Pelton posted on the radio show page here on the member websites. (Click on the icon listed down the right hand column here).

The probiotic products Ross discussed that make glutathione naturally in your gut are unavailable in most health food outlets. As a result I have been overwhelmed by a rash of emails asking where to purchase the probiotics Ross mentioned during the interview. Parkinsons Recovery is now an authorized distributor of these products. I can accept your orders and ship them out worldwide. Click on the link below to visit the website that has information about the probiotic products Ross recommends (after listening to the interview) and process an order if interested.

Options for Recovery

After several months of work, I have created books on a wide variety of options that are helping people reverse their symptoms. A listing of the books follows:

Biofrequencies and Parkinsons Disease

Candida and Parkinson’s Disease

Drug Free Holistic Approach to Parkinson’s Disease

Qigong for Parkinson’s Disease

Essential Oils for Parkinsons Disease

Herbal Medicines for Parkinsons Disease

Interview with John Coleman

LDN and Parkinsons Disease

Power of the Mind and Parkinson’s Disease

Tai Chi for Parkinsons Disease

TMJ Adjustments and Parkinson’s Disease